Luci Boutique is a small storefront fashion retail store in Oakville. These entrepreneurs have had success in opening their shop and creating a local buzz. For this project, I was asked to redesign their website to a modern design while keeping their current logo. This redesign's purpose was to give their brand a landing page online that genuinely represented the in-store experience but was also easy for store owners to edit and maintain.


Context +Challenge


For this project, I was challenged to create a place for the owners to show how products would look in a digital space without building their own online store. The challenge was not only to create a website that was streamlined for users but, also to create a website that could be updated by those who have less experience with technology. Another challenge was working around current branding while creating a more modern site and colour palette. 


Process + Insight


When starting this project, I met with the owners to see what they would be most comfortable with in terms of hosting. They decided to use Wix due to their previous experiences and how easy it is to update. I then came up with a colour palette that matched their existing logo colour and began to write a wire frame. Their online store is hosted through an outside vendor, but the owners wanted a place to showcase how they style their clothing pieces. This is the idea that I built the homepage around.



As a result, I created a design that was both easier for users to navigate and easy to understand for store owners. On the home page, I created a blog section for the owners to show their styling of the pieces. This function worked because they could draft posts and put them up rather than adding elements into the actual site. The blog was an effective way for the boutique owners to show their style while creating a website that has added value for users. 




Overall, the main results of this project were a full modern redesign of the site layout and click path with added elements to show the personality of the boutique. This experience helped me to hone my skills at taking an existing site and make it more functional for both owners and users. Further, I learned how to incorporate existing branding and personality in my design.