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This was a concept campaign for a lifestyle clothing brand called Madhappy. We wanted to create a piece about mental wellness which is one of the social initiatives of Madhappy, but was not often talked about on their social media. 

My team aimed to create a video that everyone could see themself in hence the bubbles which added anonymity to our subject. The changing colours represent the spectrum of feelings that create your mental landscape. 

For the core video, I had the opportunity to creative direct and build a set to create a full vision of what my team wanted. The 4d effects were done through motion tracking and modelling in Cinema 4d.

Madhappy slide deck

For this campaign, I also designed a set of merch. We decided to base our campaign around college students as it relates well to us and is a group that consistently needs to be educated on mental wellness.

Our idea was to create pop up to run wellness workshops and sell custom sweaters. This reiterates the concept that mental wellness is extremely personal.

The dark text is what can be changed and embroidered with the request of the customer. As well the University/ College logos on the sleeve of the sweater would change depending on the school its run at. 

madhappy merch.png


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